Termiticide Distribution Through Pipe Reticulation System


Termite Control Pipe Reticulation System is a unique concept in the area of pest control treatment for control of termites, successfully developed by us.It is a very cost effective infrastructure installation for permanent solution against termites being developed for the first time in India.

It is a unique method of reinstating the chemical barrier by pumping termite control insecticides through the already laid network of porous pipes under the floor throughout inner & outer periphery of the flooring of the building.

The porous pipe network delivers a uniform and even distribution of termite control insecticides from one end to another, which will avoid entry of termites in the structure. The substitute, which is available today, is not stable in the soil for longer period. So, through years of continued attempts, inventions and experiments we have been able to successfully develop this infrastructure, which will effectively prevent penetration of termites.

The reticulation network, which will be completed at flooring level, will be tested in the presence of your representative and the duly completed infrastructure will be handed over to you by creating the Refilling Points, which could be opened, used for periodic filling of termite control insecticides in future. This network installation is a very cost effective method of treatment and is a new milestone revolutionary concept as far as anti-termite treatment is concerned.


  1. Periphery Pipe Network Installation
  2. Creating Refilling Points
  3. One time chemical filling
  4. Creating Chemical Barrier


  1. The chemical barrier against termites can be created by pumping the temiticide through these pipes into the soil below the flooring without drilling the floor.
  2. Tedious work for removing the articles stored in the area is not required.
  3. No exposure of termiticides to occupants of the building.
  4. No smell or bad odour during pumping of termiticide.
  5. The termiticide pumping will be done through the Refilling Points fixed outside the building, which will enable the pumping of termiticide without any disturbance.
  6. The termiticide pumped through the Refilling Points will spread in the entire area and will protect the structure and articles from termites.

The treatment will be done with the pesticide 'Premise' (Imidacloprid 30.5 SC) , an innovative termiticide mfd by Bayer Cropscience. It is a Non – repellent, odorless, Low dose, Low environmental risk termiticide with rapid action from M/s. Bayer India. It is also non-corrosive and stains free on any surface. 'Premise' (Imidacloprid 30.5 SC) is being used all over the world for protection against termites.

Termite Control Pipe Network video:


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